Leaving for Spain- Honeymoon Trip Day 1

Since we had an absolutely amazing honeymoon trip, we decided to take you through our first journey as a married couple. Denise had us write in a travel journal everyday so that we would remember the nuances and funny tidbits for years to come. So let’s begin!

We were so graciously and lovingly given a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon that included departing from Barcelona, Spain and stopping at ports in France and Italy before returning back to Barcelona to fly home. There are not enough thank yous in the world to get across how much we appreciated this amazing trip and opportunity.

We could not begin to tell about our trek across the Atlantic without including the somewhat funny (and scary) start to this wonderful vacation. Denise remembered that Dan had a big project going out at the exact same time we were leaving for our trip, so he worked tons of overtime to get it done. For instance, he worked a 17 hour day and didn’t come home until 1:30 am the day we were leaving. Being a kind wife, Denise decided to make him breakfast in bed before leaving for the airport. Fresh ground coffee, eggs, toast, and OJ were on the menu as she brought the meal on a tray to his bed. Chatting for a bit while he woke up and ate, Denise left to start cleaning up when she smelled like something was burning. She went downstairs and the STOVE WAS ON FIRE! AHHHH!!!! Denise had accidentally left one gas burner on and set the coffee press on it, causing it to catch on fire. While Dan struggled to get the fire extinguisher to work, Denise turned off the stove and then just threw water on it (Do NOT do this at home). Luckily there was no grease on the stove so the fire went out easily, but boy was it hard to clean up!

After almost burning the house down, we finished last minute packing, checking and re-checking, and giving our puppies many kisses. Dan’s mom was so nice by taking us to the airport and taking our picture outside the terminal, so we could start our journey right. We had a delicious lunch at Chili’s (killer margarita for the win!) and then had another drink at Schlafly before we boarded Air Wisconsin (U.S. Airways) bound for Philadelphia. From Philly we then would have approximately an eight hour flight to Barcelona where it would be 8:00 AM the next day.

We were given several pieces of advice to aid us in our travels overseas. Number one was that when we arrived in Barcelona we could NOT go to bed. In order to counteract jet lag we needed to stay up (thus we were scheduled for a city tour later in the afternoon!). Number two was that in order to get some sleep on the plane we should order a glass of wine and take a Tylenol PM. The first piece of advice we definitely followed, but as for sleeping on the plane…that did NOT happen.

Needless to say we made it to Barcelona safe and sound at around 8:00 AM, right on time with our schedule. We grabbed our luggage, hailed a taxi, and began making our way to our hotel. In order to leave some suspense, we will leave off here until next blog where we will tell the tale of our time in Barcelona.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.

Dan and Denise

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